Bible Study Groups


Sunday Mornings 9:45 AM

Young Adults

Nick Watson

2nd floor of Ed. Building

Women of the Word

Tiffani Marich


Women of Grace

Rose Cothren
Beverly Brock

Lecture Room

Adults: CrossSeekers

Richard Taylor

2nd floor of Ed. Building

Adults: Boomers

Michael Laws
Greg Trihus

Fellowship Hall


Eric Hedin

Fellowship Hall


Ruben De La Torre

Fellowship Hall



Conference Room/ Worship Center


Daniel Sweet



Sunday Evenings 5:00 PM
Women Meg Trihus Conference Room
Young Marrieds Daniel Sweet Fellowship Hall
Couples Class Steve Hines Library
College (7:15 PM) Jonathan and Maggie Kaspar Fellowship Hall


Wednesday Evenings 6:45 PM
Adults Daniel Sweet Library
Women Cyndi King Fellowship Hall
Young Adults Nick Watson Conference Room
Women (6:30 PM) Lecture Room
Men's Leadership Training (5:30 PM) Daniel Sweet Conference Room