Summer Bible Studies & Classes

Adult Bible Studies and Classes:

Wednesdays, 6:45pm, Sanctuary
Sharing the Gospel, led by Brady Blevins - June 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th
 June 6th, Session 1:
What is the Gospel, what does it mean for someone to become a believer, and how do we share it with others?
 June 13th, Session 2:
How does church planting function in the work of evangelism?
June 20th, Session 3:
Handling common objections and hindrances to the Gospel.
 June 27th, Session 4:
Short term missions and sharing the Gospel in that context, challenges and tools.

Bible Storying, led by Tom Reed
July 18th, 25th, August 1st, 8th and 15th 
Since the Reformation, Protestants have assumed that salvation, spiritual growth, leadership and reproducible ministry all depended on high levels of literacy. Not all people, however, prefer to learn and grow in this way, or even have access to it. Does this mean they can not believe, grow, lead or minister? Those who don’t learn by literate means prefer oral methods: story and dialogue, song, dance, drama, proverbs, and riddles. Tom will demonstrate storying and dialogue as a highly reproducible way to get the Word of God into the hearts of people without depending on literacy.

Chronological Bible Storying allows a person to build ministry competence around a series of stories chosen for a theme, for example, “Genesis to Jesus” or “The Life of Jesus” or “How to be a Disciple.” Situational Bible Storying applies a specific story or set of stories to a specific person or situation. Dialogue, or guided question-and-answers, draws out the story’s meaning and application. In the end, a person will know the story, its meaning, and be able to tell it to others and guide them with dialogue in the same way. Story by story, brick by brick, your bible knowledge, theological understanding, and ministry competence grows. And it’s all in your head and ready to use at any time. You won’t ever have to think, “Wait. I used to know that. It’s in my notes at home …”

Summer Book Club -
Text Brittany for dates & times, 214.454.3551 
      Here are the two books: You are what You Love & Women of the Word

Marriage Series - 
     at the Harley Home; June 8th, 15th, 29th, and July 6th,
     Contact Jay  (817.846.0019) or Brittany (214.454.3551)

Childrens Bible Study

5th & 6th Grade Summer Discipleship - 
      3:00pm at Matthew Road - begins June 19th,
     Contact Brittany (214.454.3551)