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Bethlehem, the City of Hope


Series: The Hope of Every Nation and Every Person is the Coming Prophet, Priest, King

Speaker: Daniel Sweet

The Hope of Every Nation and Every Person is the Coming Prophet, Priest, King

Bethlehem, the City of Hope

  1. Isaiah and Micah, Contemporaries of Diverse Background
  • Isaiah: royal linage (maybe from Anathoth), born into wealth, educated, primarily addressed the kings and their abuses along with their evil coalitions
  • Isaiah’s Message: Quit trusting in political intrigue or foreign kings but instead trust completely in God
  • Isaiah’s Prophetic Hope: Despite the failure of the kings of Judah and Israel, God has preserved a remnant and out of that remnant of faithful followers God will bring forth His Promised Davidic Messiah-King. The Messiah will suffer before receiving His everlasting Kingdom as a reward for His faithfulness.
  1. The Introduction of Micah, Micah 1:1
  • The source of his oracles: Divinely given by the Lord
  • The identity of the prophet: Micah of Moresheth – likely of common lineage
  • The time of his prophetic ministry: The reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah
  • The focus of his prophecy: Samaria and Jerusalem
  1. The Warnings of Micah
  • Judgment is coming because of:
    1. the idolatry of Judah and Israel (1:2-7)
    2. unethical land deals (2:1-5)
    3. ill treatment of travelers, soldiers returning from battle, widows and orphans (2:6-12)
    4. the leaders of Judah and Israel allow injustice to reign (3:1-12)
    5. they have forgotten all that the Lord has done (6:1-5)
    6. they have become rich by cheated others through unethical business practices (6:9-7:6)
  1. The Promises of Micah
  • God will preserve a remnant even in the midst of His judgment of the evil of Judah and Israel (2:13-14)
  • God will institute a just, peaceful and everlasting kingdom and the whole earth will come to Jerusalem to celebrate. The abused, the poor and the destitute will have a share in this everlasting kingdom. (4:1-8)
  • God will send the nation into exile in Babylon because of their evil but He will bring the remnant back from captivity and establish her again in the land (4:10-13)
  • God is a light and our salvation. God will demonstrate His righteousness and truth. He will keep all of His promises because He is a gracious God who forgives sins and delights in His unchanging love. (7:7-20)
  1. God’s Clarion Call on Our Lives, Micah 6:6-8
  • God does not delight in heartless religious expression (6:6-7)
  • Instead God requires that we

o   Do justice

o   Love kindness

o   Walk humbly with Him

  1. The Promises of the Coming King, Micah 5:1-15
  • God will bring forth His anointed King
  • Surprisingly this coming king will be born in Bethlehem
  • He will restore Jerusalem
  • People from every nation will be brought under His rule
  • He will bring final judgment to all the evil nations who rebellion against His reign




The Hope of Every Nation and Every Person is the Coming Prophet, Priest, King

More than A King, He is Our Majestic Sovereign


More than A King, He is OUR Majestic Sovereign (Header Slide)

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  • Bethlehem and Herod the Great