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Let the Word of Christ Dwell, 12-27-2020

Let the Word of Christ Dwell, Let the Believer Sing to God, Colossians 3:16

I.     Let the Peace of Christ Rule in Your Hearts

II.    Be Thankful

III.   Let the Word of Christ Richly Dwell within You

IV.   Teaching and Admonishing One Another

V.    Singing with Thankfulness in Your Hearts to God
       A. Psalms
       B. Hymns
       C. Spiritual Songs

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Put On Love, Colossians 3:14


I.        Consider: Put in the forefront of your mind; imperative, a command. 
          Do this!

A.  Members of Your Earthly Body: Every aspect of the mind and body

B.  As Dead to Sin: Unable to sin, Incapable of sinning

C.  Specifically Consider Yourself as Dead to: Immorality, Impurity,
      Passion, Evil Desire, Greed

D.  Because, the Wrath of God is Coming on the Children of


II.      Put Away: Anger, Wrath, Malice, Slander, Abusive Speech, Lying


III.     Put On:

A.  Compassion: Deep and abiding concern for the suffering of others
      with a desire to help ease their suffering

B.  Kindness: Encouraging, warm, generous; joy enabling

C.  Humility: Valuing others more than self; serving others

D.  Gentleness: Tenderness, sympathy

E.  Patience: Willingness to accept delay, trouble, weakness for the
               good of others


IV.     Forgiving each other…just as the Lord forgave you

          A.  Warning of living with an unforgiving spirit

          B.  Lofty standard for forgiveness


V.      Beyond All These Things, Put On Love

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