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Overwhelmed by Life

In a world where fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness and insecurity dominate the emotional well-being of students and young adults, what lessons can we learn from one of the wealthiest and most influential people in human history. Solomon had it all: knowledge, pleasure, influence, power, and wealth. All of these things were his, but he was overwhelmed by a foreboding sense of a life without wisdom, without joy, without purpose, without peace, and without friends. 2020 has brought clarity to the fragility of life like no year in our lifetime. Never has anxiety and fear so gripped huge portions of the population all over the world. Even America, with her wealth and technological advances, has been brought to a devastating reality of life’s harshness. Among college students, the most connected generation in world history, where every minuscule choice is broadcast over social media, there is a pervasive sense of loneliness and being disconnected. Where do we find hope? Where can we find answers to these pressing challenges? Join us as we consider the insightful blog posts (The Book of Ecclesiastes) of the wealthiest man on the planet, King Solomon.

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